Overcoming Cancel Culture and Problems with Thought | Philosophy

Abstraction, Incoherence, Fragmentation, Conditioning, Self deception & Partiality; this is what concludes (more then ever) the architecture of modern society but more specifically, this is how problems in general are made. In this video I will try and come to grips with the many issues of today by peeling back their surface representations and by having a really good look at what is the primary cause for these issues in the first place so that we as a people can direct ourselves towards overcoming 21st century problems.

Cancel Culture, Environmental Crises, Pollution, Social Class, Politics, Ideology… there is a fundamental theme that follows all of these outcomes and many others and that is that they all originate from Thought, but, what is Thought? thought is an abstraction, an abstraction of reality, therefore if thought is an abstraction of reality then it must be limited, thought is an abstraction of reality which produces concepts which are limited, this is the fundamental theme and it is this whereby most of mankind’s problems originate: from thought and it is only know where we have come to a point of technological supremacy that thought becomes exponentially dangerous more then ever.

If thought is an abstraction of reality which is thus a limitation then it comes to no surprise that thoughts limit our ability to understand and conceive the wholeness of reality because those specific thoughts develop into concepts which become existent and therefore serve a specific limited purpose, for example: take nationalism, nationalism is a thought (or abstract of reality which is limited and developed out of experience) whereby people believe they are different from other nationalities and that this specific territory of land is ours, this thought becomes so engrained so strong and powerful that people die for it in wars, therefore, this thought develops into a concept which in its nature is limited but it is also something which can support prejudices or racism or even nuclear weapons and mass destruction all because of this thought of nationalism, but truly, what thought does (from this example and others I will give later) is that it essentially limits, fragments and make our perception of the world in reality incoherent, because really, what is the case is that natationalities, flags, teritories of land are not present in nature itself they are just thoughts which mankind has developed which have limited our ability to understand the world as a whole and to be a smart, sustainable collective.
This problem of thought is then representative of many of mankinds developments and all of mankinds problems because such a thought does not take into account the coherence and wholeness of nature and reality first and to align itself with that truth.
Just to make it clear what I am saying here is not that all thought is bad, that would be nonsensical because we live by thought and many great things have developed out of such phenomena but what I am saying is that there is within its deep structure something extremely negative which as I have said, is: very divisive and fragmentive of the true world.

Richards Dawkins for example gets cancelled from a debate because of his thoughts on Islam and sexual assault in relation to the religion, the people that cancelled him did so because there thoughts don’t mirror his thoughts, but, the fundamental problem here is that neither group see’s that thought in of itself or the way we perceive thought IS the essential problem, the problematic issue is not the view of Dawkins or the view of trinity college but it is that the problem is created by the thought itself, therefore, what is necessary is we need to be aware of thought itself, step ourselves out from it’s domain, view all the other thoughts at hand and then direct all of such incoherence’s towards a coherence of totality and wholeness but then, even this example is not great because religion just like nationalism is a thought which is an abstraction of reality thus a limitation which becomes a concept and creates even more fragmentation because people become divided all around the world in relation to religion, so really the fundamental problem is thought, we know the world as a cohesive nature so why can’t human thought (which then develops into manmade realities) act in the same way, human thought and the way in which we operate within it goes against the natural flow of nature and its no suprise that thought becomes more dangeorus the further technology develops.

what is the instrument necessary to see how thought works? if we could figure that out we could then make thought a better and well maintained processing system whereby we don’t fragment and even associate thoughts to the concept of “self” which is also further self deception and illusion, if we could do that we could overcome so many problems that we make for ourselves and the world in general.
I think this problem stemmed from early ancient philosophy whereby western philosophy believed that reality was measurable and that eastern philosophy believed that reality was immeasurable.

Protagorus said: “man is the measure of all things” therefore measure is something arbitrary and subject to the choice and taste of each individual, by doing so the early western philosophy of the Greeks overlooked the fact that measure is a form of insight that has to fit the overall reality in which man lives, as demonstrated by the clarity of perception and harmony of action to which it leads. Such insight can arise properly only when a man works with seriousness and honesty, putting truth and factuality first, rather than his own whims or desires.

The East on the other hand expressed the immeasurable as of a primary reality whereby they used words like “maya” which in Sanskrit means: “illusion” whereby the Greeks saw measure as being the essence of reality or key to such as essence the East saw measure as being false and deceitful.

I quote from David Bohm:
“in this view the entire structure and order of forms, proportions and ‘ratios’ that present themselves to ordinary perception and reason are regarded as a sort of veil, covering the true reality, which cannot be perceived by the senses and which nothing can be said or thought” hense the eastern philosophical term: Veils of Maya

from this understanding it is very clear in how the different ways these two societies have developed depending on their views of measure, in the west we empathesized the development of technology and science which are dependant on measure, while in the east the main empathises has gone to religion and philosophy which are dependant on the immeasurable.

If one considers this question clearly one can see that the east was right in the sense that the primary reality is immeasurable as measure itself (from our own understanding) is an insight only created by man. a reality beyond that is beyond man and prior to him cannot depend on such an insight, thus this which brings us full circle sorrounding the problem of thought, the attempt to suppose that measure exists prior to man and independantly of him leads to the “objectification” of man’s insight so that it becomes rigified and unable to change, eventually bringing about fragmentation and general confusion

To overcome problems of cancel culture, to overcome problems of our making we need to rewire the ways in which we think as a people. thought has brought about many goods but also many significant problems which is all due to the way thought mobilises itself in our minds and causes us to interact with the world in a fragmented manor, the question of measure is fundamental to how we have developed our way of thought in relation to ourselves and the world so it wouldn’t be a surprise that there are problems in thought arising in the west more so then in the east in relation to cancel culture and the develop of technology in relation in polluting the waters damaging ecosystems but by this point the western philosophical view of measure has probably touched every point on earth.

if we believe that reality is measurable a priori from our own being then we are going to place the capacity of thought in the hands of the ego with objectification which will facilitate abstraction of thought itself, thus the view of measure will become habitual and mechanistic as it has been for many years and overlook the fact that measure is actually a form of insight that has to fit the overall reality in which man lives , which is the view of wholeness, not just for his interests and desires.

that’s how I see it, the only way we can solve the process of thought to overcome problems as the ones I have mentioned and the many others you can think of is by relearning the measurability of reality in relation to how our thought process works and aligning it all in the necessity for wholeness and coherence with the world and ourselves so that we don’t manifest thoughts which produce division in relation to other people’s opinions but that thoughts themselves become holistic.


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