Distraction is mans best friend, whether it be meaningful or not it serves a definite purpose: to blur the unknown, the elusive reality. Even though reality is unknowable in its entirity the blur of it does act as an induced comfort, a comfort which numbs the ever present glaring question which peaks behind every corner and follows our every shadow, the question of truth, the question of knowing, that question which drives us to do whatever it is that makes our lives worth living so that we continue living in a blur, a mist, a self conviction.

The absurd, there is no direct answer to it but it hasn’t benn all that damning, its un answerability has been catalyst for many strivings, passions of the will, for all our joys and all our terrors, but it is those things which really stand out that make no sense: pure confusion; a fusion with the negative, those reactions which could have been avoided but sang innocently not because it believed so but because it didn’t know, all it new was itself, being as it was, changing as the tide, like the rest of social life it was consistent in one thing: distraction, distraction away from the absurd, as a swinging multi axis pendulum it’s non direction was erratic, consistent yet predicable, its nature was its limit but still yet unknown while its will was its cause and a cause for itself there be.

All is a process; while I look upon my aging hands time passes me by but yet there be another illusion, we still remain friends… Just like that blur that helpful distraction.
It wasn’t always this discombobulated, we had localism, we weren’t global, we were not always deconstructed we had real people we had the simple life, the human spirit would keep us alive and we fed from its flame. As all things that spirit has mutated with our chosen evolution and it has started to eat its own tail to the point were some people or many drive three hours to work to spend life hating what they do, where the mind conforms to propaganda which only fuels evil, when people consume what they consciously know only makes them worse and do it with a smile on their face.

Does it worry you that every person you see on the street is a person you will never see again, we don’t know anyone around us let alone communicate with them by saying a silent hello. We have lost context that’s why society is so damn absurd, and it only gets worse the more we loose it.

“everything has been figured out, except how to live” – Sartre

Life flows and passes us by in a natural state but our new found paradigm conceives life in momentary order, we don’t flow with life but grind against it; posting so called content which cuts life into never-ending desires, cherry-picking what we see fit for the rest of the world to know, never since has there been such an obvious reason for depression when our own conception of life turns into an active chore of picking the sweet from the sour, processing life as an activity as no different from working in a sorting office, whereby the values in life are determined not by how we can learn from them but from how we can blindly judge them in a disconcerted manner.

What would a confused creature look like? Be given all it could have what would it do? It would look like you, it would run around and act all busy like it knows exactly what to do, be so sure that it would become dissonant and biased, entrain itself into another warm blur and self conviction, make a condition for ones own mind and entertain in never letting go, to never escape oneself and view it passing but to carry on and continue gasping.

“At any street corner the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face” – Camus

society is absurd because of us, life itself isn’t; its our human nature that’s makes everything absurd, like a dog on a lead we can only sense what is known within the limits of our determinism, within the limits of our senses until our very nature stops us from knowing too much, because just like a dog I could keep my head to the ground and continue in my search but I will never give up, I will continue in knowing everything with my limited time and limited tools until reality once in a while jolts against my skin inviting me to stop and try again; because passion never fades and that is only what we live for, a passion which cries in seeing how far we go, how far we venture no matter the cost.

“No matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.” – Camus


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