What Are WE To Become?

Contemplation is that which follows from our thoughts and it is this act which drives us forward in a directional evolution, in other words, it is something which we call: Intelligence perception.

Intelligence perception is not that which is the act of accumulating content but is that which is free, thought is usually never correct as it requires intelligence perception to decipher a possible knowledge or flux of truth, to identify a meaningful order and the way in which this is done we can take the example of a radio receiver, when the output of the receiver feeds back into the input, the receiver operates on its own mainly to produce something of meaningless noise and incongruency, BUT, when the receiver is sensitive to the signal on the radio wave its own order in signal becomes parallel to the order in the signal and thus the receiver serves to bring a meaningful order which is beyond its own structure. It can be said that with intelligence perception, the brain and nervous system respond directly to an order in the universal and unknown flux that cannot be reduced to anything defined in terms of knowable structures, thus, it is thought responding to intelligent perception which is capable of bringing about an overall harmony or fitting between mind and matter in the existing reality.

What has become of today is that of confusion, just like radio feedback, the white noise of modern scattered thought does not seem to correspond between the mind and the matter of our reality. From clear view we can see that the streets of some of Europe’s most attractive cities are close to what a definition of ‘lifeless’ would resemble, not only have the people locked down but the cities themselves are in a process of locking down with what could resemble cultural and economic fatality.
It would seem to me that this event of unforeseen horizon and blinding quality has been that of an elephant in the room for the philosophical community, as such, never has there been a time of such unknown possibility and incalculable cancellation. The pairing of unknown possibility and incalculable cancellation should make your soul ache and heart pound with realisation, as for the need of intelligence perception is now! But to stay within the confused is to lay oneself bare for whatever comes or as no different, to surrender ones soul to the confuser.

Why is it that if I go to the shops in Ireland (those allowed to be open) I cannot purchase so called: “non essentials” when essentialism is subjective? How does this inforced rule help reduce the spread of the virus?

Why is it that the infection cases on the in general do not deduct recovery cases when people do recover from this virus?

Why is it that many countries have rejected the possibility of herd immunity when our entire existence in the past was dependant on such an ability?

Is it not a more serious possibility that the economic catastrophe which lies ahead will cause more death and disaster then the influence of this virus?

Why is it that under lockdown children are still allowed to go to school where they can spread the virus among themselves and then bring it back to their homes? But others who don’t cannot step out of their own county for a single second because they would be exposing the virus to other locations?

Why is it that so many of the “rules” contradict themselves time and time again?

Why is it the case that my close friend recently told me that when his friends grandfather died recently they labelled his cause of death as covid related when he actually died of cancer?

And finally, why is The Great Reset for the 4th technological revolution forwarded by the World Economic Forum using COVID-19 as an excuse to foward it’s own agenda when it has nothing to do with a virus in and of itself? As the home page of https://www.weforum.org/great-reset states:

“There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative.”

It could be a possibility (as all things are possible) that the virus is being used (behind the veil) to forward The Great Reset Initiative for the 4th industrial revolution which is intended to change the entire course of everything we do as a people, whether it be transport, communication, economics, democracy, what we eat, what we wear and what type of jobs we have and will ONLY have?

Klaus Schwab (founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum) and Thierry Malleret wrote a book called: Covid-19: The Great Reset, within part of the book it proposes a new historical separation between “the pre-pandemic era” and “the post-pandemic world”


“Radical changes of such consequence are coming that some pundits have referred to a ‘before coronavirus’ (BC) and ‘after coronavirus’ (AC) era. We will continue to be surprised by both the rapidity and unexpected nature of these changes – as they conflate with each other, they will provoke second-, third-, fourth- and more-order consequences, cascading effects and unforeseen outcomes. In so doing, they will shape a ‘new normal’ radically different from the one we will be progressively leaving behind. Many of our beliefs and assumptions about what the world could or should look like will be shattered in the process.” [1]

In conclusion, what I intend on this very short article is that it ONLY SPROUTS INTEREST for ones own PERSONAL INVESTIGATION into all that has come to be today, that we CRITICALLY ANALYSE the motions which are being (or are intended to be) put in place for the close-unfolding future.

What is essential within philosophy is to FIND or at least SEARCH for the TRUTH and what is needed right now is nothing but that! That we as a people must contemplate with intelligence perception and drop any abstractions or intended ideologies in the process to see the whole picture in frame, we cannot remain within a confused white noise! As for any ideology that does desire to dominate in the process will do so with supreme, isolated, hell-bent action.

Here are some links // resources that may help in that search:


[1] Klaus Schwab, Thierry Malleret, Covid-19: The Great Reset (Geneva: WEF, 2020), e-book. Edition 1.0.


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