Psychology Of The Mandala and The Unfolding Self

The Desert of the Real, that is what consists when all residues of the mind are blow away, peeled back, people, events, thoughts, things… what remains? Nothing but the Self, the Self is what remains, the core of everything, the self which maintains all experience but is rarely experienced, just like the root of the tree from which everything grows but is hidden deep out of sight. Tell me, what are you right now? Watching this video, a thought, being projected out into action? So you are a thought watching this video, not a person? There was a thought that thought it was a good idea to watch this video but that thought doesn’t represent you as a person, it is part of you but is not YOU it isn’t you in totality so what is YOU?

When in continuous flux it is very difficult to isolate the core, its always moving, jumping around, fluctuating so much that the ripples from its making act as multiple propositions, decisions, tasks to fulfil, actions, movements, creations.

Look at the mandala, everything around it is a fluctuation of the self, expositions of creativity that originate from the inner core until dispersion becomes one again, these creativities are like the flowers of a tree, you understand that the blossom is the personality of the tree when it comes to its flowering, that which makes it identifiable, unique. We ourselves are like that tree but more complex, with more parts which make YOU, YOU… but it all stems from the first cause just like dropping a stone into water, our existence our cause for everything that is to unfold is not simply defined by the cause from birth, I was birthed, your parents and thus into a close-to infinite regression until the cause which made all, like succession we all (right now) ARE the final border of this ever expanding circle, see, the mandala is not just a symmetrical pattern it is about everything within everything, it is metaphysical truth.

The self, the ultimate centre is only the centre, its quite, it lies in solitude unlike everything else, everything else is loud, expansive and dispersive, it is authentic, truly real, just like the desert of the real, just like how the desert lies in solitude, it is just the desert, nothing else, nothing else invades its existence, it persists on its own. It is also chaos for the man who lives for everything outside the Self, for everything that is not the Self is him, thus, no better place then to live among the desert, hence the reason for the desert fathers of Egypt, the early Christian hermits, ascetics and monks who chose to live amongst the sand.

“if you wish to be perfect, go, sell your possessions, and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven, then come, follow me”

In modern times today the Self (the ever growing mandala which represents our fluctuating existence in creativity) starts to become mutated by the likes of what you could call: manufactured procrastination, procrastination which stems from an overstimulating world full of meaningless shite, distractions which invade our potential, invade and maybe even possess our emotions, it is mostly manufactured because it is us who buy into it, the articles, tabloids, TV, all these cunning distractions. The unnecessary attachments we develop which we know are made to avoid something of higher importance, to even burry those importance’s in the sand of the desert, but as the desert will reveal; the sands always shift and sway without a care in the world, revealing what you intended to hide from yourself.

These manufactured procrastinations which are only made for being that, are made for you, enticement of the soul to make it weak and to then invade you by the likes of people who want your energy, or more precisely; for that energy to be transferred into money, to trans-mutate energy so that what becomes your worldly projections have nothing to do with the Self… with YOU as a person, to become and be a consenting slave and fool to these tools of procrastination, allowing them to pull you back from your true self just bit like Christ in the desert (wilderness) with the devils temptations, but instead, you are accepting the temptations because it is easy and being where you truly want to be, is not.


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