The Digital Devouring Mother and Libido Theft | Freud, Carl Jung and Lacan | Psychoanalysis and Philosophy

In his book: id, ego and superego, Freud talks about what he calls: the narcissistic libido, now, what is this? Its very interesting and when I first read of this idea it made me think of pornography addiction, how it relates to an exclusion of object-cathexis in the real world and how pornography forms an abandonment of sexuality for the sake of fantasy which is self serving narcissism.

Freud states that narcissism is a kind of ego-libido situation, that the libido which originates from the id becomes associated with the ego itself, this excludes the occurrence of object-cathexes which is basically sexual energy or libido energy attaching to ideas, persons or things.

When this occurs he states that the ego develops some kind of control over the id-related sexual instincts which then leads to sublimation of them which would be transforming those instincts or desires into socially acceptable actions, from this, the object related libido transforms into narcissistic libido relating to the ego, therefore, something like megalomania could develop because it is narcissistic which is directly associated to the ego which is delusional and pathological, but, it could also explain things like multiple personalities if the ego object-identifications become to powerful and resistant to each other, causing neuroticism(s).

I then looked into Lacan on narcissism and he aligns narcissism with the imaginary order in his model and claims that sex is fundamentally narcissistic because it is caught up in a fantasy of idealism, idealised images of ourselves and partners, but I disagree with him completely, if sex was to be fundamentally narcissistic, it would only involve ourselves, but it doesn’t, its quite a stupid statement I think, watching porn on the other hand is narcissistic, being addicted to it is even more so.

Thus, this entire idea of ego libido or narcissistic libido really made me wonder about the connections which I am hopefully pointing out in relation to porn addiction because I think the idea of explaining it psychologically through Freud’s model is present/possible.

The digital anima, the feminine digital construction associated with porn does not involve physical interaction, the action of watching such said internet material only manifests because it is associated with the ego because it requires and involves observation and external world perception, the id is about instinct and that is where object-cathexis comes from, but, when such said libidinal energy connects to the ego it can become interested only in itself, like a narcissist, this is the role which is played by the porn addict, libidinal energy is expressed only through the digital anima or animus which doesn’t involve a human being, emotions, personality or any other form of human existences.

Porn addiction within a relationship can turn it to breaking point, the narcissism involved in the fascination can cause abandonment of any real sexual relationship, a sort of desexualisation in itself, the act of sex becomes rejected and inverted into fantasy which exists only within the craving mind of the narcissist which abandons reality for mental/adolescent/ fiction held together by a seductive matriarchy of comfort, protection and passivity from the real world.

Here is a quote which describes the ego related fantasy which is created when one rejects what is real, Freud writes:

“When it happens that a person has to give up a sexual object, there quite often ensues an alteration of his ego which can only be described as a setting up of the object inside the ego”

“The transformation of object libido into narcissistic libido which thus takes place obviously implies an abandonment of sexual aims, a desexualisation-a kind of sublimation”

Thus, from this tension of opposites, the splitting directions of libido not only become cut from one another but lead mentally to a possible splitting in personality or even development in neurosis such as: multiple personality, where the individual in this state of affairs becomes ungrounded, no different from how; for example: in the mind, the digital and the physical worlds are opposites, yet how both in reality within the collective psyche in the 21st century are both fighting a grand war to conclude who will win the human condition, will it be the technocrats or will it be the humanists? That kind of war but instead it is in relation to the anima or animus, we have formulated a way in which we can encapsulate the anima inside a digital matrix like the genie inside a lamp, the lamp being the computer and the Ginn being the spirit within, proposing a wish or a desire into the digital matrix, what will proceed to your fate will be of your choosing and action.

“It may come to a disruption of the ego in consequence of the different identifications becoming cut off from one another by resistances; perhaps the secret of the cases of what is described as ‘multiple personality’ is that the different identifications seize hold of consciousness in turn.”

I was sending a few messages back and forth to the guy who runs MemeAnalysis to see what he thought of these ideas and he agreed with my Freudian interpretation and referred me to something which he called psychoanalytic autism which sounds a bit odd but makes sense in context because autism is referred to as a lack in sense of self or of the world around you, in relation to eroticism or sexuality there is a microcosmic autism going on with relation to porn addiction and is manifesting itself in the physical world within the individual as consequence which would be something like autoeroticism, whereby what is normal becomes erotic what isn’t erotic becomes erotic. The internet associating the libido against anything that is a real reality, this what MemeAnalysis calls: Internet Induced Autism, thus, a lack of or sexual confusion in self and the real world, the digital matrix influencing its own truth onto the physical human causing some kind of erotic autism which is associated to a fantasy which does not exist in the real world.

In a Jungian sense, there is only one type of archetypal power which exists in porn or just the internet in general within the mind of the submissive addict and that is the feminine, the anima, and this has got nothing to do with who watches what it is simply down to the nature of its existence, the negative aspects of the archetypal anima are associated to this Lafarge in comfort, acceptance and devilish security which the digital anima lives and breeds on, like the devouring mother, under her wing she literally keeps one fixated to a comforting non-reality, away from the true world of possibility, danger and rejection, this is something which actually exists through the internet and grows stronger everyday, it feeds from the life force of people for it to exist, anything which takes away the possibility for creativity in excessive amounts is bad for the soul so anyone who is psychologically infused into the digital matrix is probably extremely passive and non-creative.

When their is an overhaul of feminine or anima content in its most negative form there is not going to be any masculine (animus) content associated with creativity or direction, the feminine aspect is all about observation, digestion, input, reading a book is naturally feminine for example, expressing that knowledge is then very masculine, a lot of people struggle with this truth because it has been turned on its head into something “politically incorrect”, soon as the feminine and masculine is talked about we think of the physical man and woman, inequality, social reform and all of this rubbish, the Jungian interpretation is that in all of us we both have the anima and animus and how we deal with them is very important.


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