How The “New Normal” Is NORMALISING Transhumanism Through Alienation of The Collective Psyche | Carl Jung | Psychology

The emergence of the unconscious opposite, when a particular way in which we carry ourselves becomes extremely polarised within our own actions and lives it can become very likely that the unconscious opposite of that behaviour can suddenly emerge, think of an elastic band, the more tension i place on that band and the more I pull it apart the more likely it will revert to its opposite form in a dramatic fashion, that it will suddenly snap and revert to being loose, or, think of a bow and arrow: hightest tension of the bow leads to the sudden opposite of tension via release. So it’s opposites within opposites.

Now this is the part of the hermetic reality of duality and correspondence, but lets think of this in relation to the collective psyche, or lets say; the way we envision an alien. We have a collective archetypal vision of what an alien is and looks like based on the unknown, what is the unknown be characterised as? Most people would probably agree that an alien is frightening, misunderstood and unknown as anything unknown is usually frightening, maybe even symbolic of the unconscious itself.
But, like the principle of enantiodromia, we consciously think of aliens as always being the furthest thing AWAY from ourselves in all forms or as our counter opposite as humans, when in reality, we, through the collective psyche are BECOMING MORE LIKE THEM, shapeshifting and transmogrification is what IS occurring due to the war on consciousness on a collective level, so in this sense, we are unconsciously shapeshifting into our shadow/unconscious opposite without even realising it, and this is all because we are acting in a way that is extremely polarized and unhealthy.

When we look at the metaphysics of Daoism and the ying and yang we come to understand that it holds the same enatiodromatic function, that when yang becomes ying it is because yang reaches the point of extremity or if you want to relate it to black holes which is due to polarization, because psyche and matter mirror eachother, and this would be called: the point of no return and that it suddenly becomes its opposite, like a black hole; you reach the event horizon, space-time stops and the gravitational singularity becomes unescapable, which you could say, is the complete opposite of non-gravitational space. The big bang singularity, as I said in a previous video, is no different from the mandala, and in this case, the black hole is no different from the ying WITHIN the yang or vice versa, the sudden gravitational singularity within an expansive space of non-gravity.

But of course this symbolic, enatiodromatic function occurs in the psyche through repressions, psychic complexes, the shadow etc.. for a quick example: you will start seeing this process occur much more often when people who are in fear of government restrictions comply and try to justify their compliance with a fake “compassion”, and this fake “virtue” is made clear when they come in contact with someone who is not doing what they are doing in the same strict manner, enantiodromia occurs causing them to be the complete opposite of what their fake justification was because it was never virtuous to begin with, it was only done out of fear, and that realisation is made obvious when the inverted, hyper-expression of compassion is expressed to that individual, which would be that of contempt and all the other behaviours which come along with it.

But, back to aliens; What is the archtypal alien? it is the polarized reality of mind, the alien is psychically disconnected from its own body, enlarged skull with a limp child-like anatomy, emotionless, it doesn’t speak, it doesn’t feel, it stares through your soul as if it is trapped seeking freedom from its own existence, but the most important thing of all: it doesn’t understand.
It’s eyes are so big as it seeks for knowledge because it doesn’t understand. It’s alienated but it seeks something else, it seeks what it does not have.

So, all of these archetypal characteristics and definitions are also slowly becoming symmetrical to what the human is becoming; humans, becoming more and more alienated not only from themselves but from the outside world and from their own body’s, and this is all very similar to the function of enantiodromia because we see ourselves as the complete opposite of the alien as archetypically described, when really, the unconscious opposite of that bias is likely to manifest, which it has! We are to become more alien in quicker succession then ever with the expansionary development of technology.
But why is this? Well… it come down to the same reason why an alien is the polarized reality of mind, we ourselves are polarized within the left hemisphere, or you could say, we have been ABDUCTED by the left hemisphere itself and the ways in which it see’s the world!

Even since the scientific enlightenment and the development of technology the slow dominance of the left hemisphere has been slowly increasing more and more, to the point where we can ask the question today: where did creativity go? That is the basic function of the right hemisphere, there is not much creativity anymore in my opinion, the general understanding of originality has been compromised with novelty and creativity compromised with shock, you get this is in modern art and you get this in modern music.
The reason why imagination has died in the general collective consciousness is because it is typical for the left hemisphere through its dominance to reform newness through novelty with what it already known, modern creativity is understood through the reality of recombination and re-contextualisation which is not imagination which the right hemisphere relies on for creative purposes, popular music today is only very rhythmic, melody doesn’t exist because that is what creativity is and creativity is unique as that is what makes a song memorable and unique which is its melody, lo-fi is probably a pure example of left-hemisphere orientated music because it is recombining songs from the past to make newness seem like creativity, the process is not creative or imaginative because it is purely analytic, finding songs in the same key to combine determines the making of the song, which is the intention of newness and novelty.

So when you think of left hemisphere dominance that is necessary to develop science and technology and you know that these are the things that have lead and developed our modern world, and you see the ways in which this polarization of the left hemisphere has transformed all other aspects of human life, we come to understand how we are being abducted by this way of human evolution.

It was a while back now when I did a video with Uberboyo where we talked about how the left-hemisphere is Apollo and the right-hemisphere is Dionysus, I still hold to this because I see it as a proto-scientific expression of the divided brain through mythology and it is nothing BUT a self-fulfilling prophecy when we look at the reality of today and how man is slowly becoming and allowing to become allergic to human interaction which is the complete opposite of the human Dionysian expression which is that of the body, sexuality, dance, movement, love, lust, expression and creativity.

So, this complete imbalance is producing an inversion which is making people think that human nature is the real virus which links right into the transhuman digital movement, thinking that it is the cure to all of this mess.

It’s this horribly enforced and conformed alienation, being disconnected from the body which is an ungrounding of the mind which is a disconnection from the true reality itself that is felt, because when the mind is disconnected from the body it lives in its head, it thinks too much and is easily deceived due to the thoughts that are ungrounded within ones head and this all obviously raises psychosis, or as we see today, the collective psychosis of thinking that the government, for example: are here to care for you and have your best interests at heart.

Which finally leads me to a scary prediction: the more we become alien or unknown of our true selves, the more likely we are to be scared of the human condition, and if we are going to be scared of the unknown and not face the unknown we will eventually allow ourselves, mankind itself, through fear and self-inflicted hate of the human condition, to give up our own humanity to technology as a method of deceptive revitalisation and to see it as the cure to all of this, which is basically the end of humanity itself. To become completely alien of ourselves to the point where our own human existence is lost to the infinite space of the universe, that is how I see it and that’s not with delight one bit, hopefully the actions of many does not allow this to happen but that is how I see digital transhumanism becoming a complete reality and how they are steering the way of the pandemic in favour for this! By humans becoming so alienated from their born nature (as we are increasingly becoming today, especially in the past year) between ourselves and others that humanity end up adopting transhumanism as a way out from their own humanly conditioned psychosis which has been breed on self-hatred and control.

W need to connect the body and mind, we need synthesis, we literally cannot live in this polarised world that we are making for ourselves and arguing about the little things will only make it all worse collectively and allow for the potential for tactful division by those who don’t desire an open, free world, because I know we all, most of us with good hearts, want to collectively live within a world of PEACE and FREEDOM and we are just not heading that way at all, that’s the most honest thing I feel can be said.


One thought on “How The “New Normal” Is NORMALISING Transhumanism Through Alienation of The Collective Psyche | Carl Jung | Psychology

  1. Your work on the subject was a colourful of course versatile and a briliant well done achievement. I do not think, Carl Gustav is avaible (both intellectually and historically) for more people. Because we have to Our Own Origine be forgotten. The principle of you have to be on the side of the on materialism-based scient mad us only left-hemisphered. I, as a teacher of filosophy and a music-therapist had struggled upon we are both hemidphered and it is has more importance related to the early years in schools. More. To help to the mentally ill or sensoric impared people right hemisphere be involved is so helpful.
    Might “dark” power need we be in a collectiv psychosis. And unfortunately the “expanded” reality and the “binary reality” makes us as an intelligent ape who is able to push buttoms not more. The developed technology just illusion and the promis of the perfect control.
    The “dark power” is a most and pathologically selfish ones, migth a few unimaginable rich families. The “dark power” is an opposite of the humanity as a whole. Dark power need people be hypnotised, To keep them in the material word. Even, we are souls not only and far away not primarely flehs and blood. It is not happened by the fortune, Jung have discovered the mythological – spiritual side of psychology.
    You are an extremely clever, well educated bro. So i deeply acknowledge Your radiandt work.


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