Apply for a FREE Call | Maiorum Society

  • This is Spencer (Thoughts on Thinking). We are curious and excited to finally bring people on board to the programme who are serious about personal transformation and are tired of mundanity. Please take your time filling out the form as I will read it. I will make a decision on whether I want to work with you based on this form. I will ignore the application if it’s sloppy or incoherent. Be as clear and to the point as possible.

I look forward to reading and getting back to you on your applications!



3 thoughts on “Apply for a FREE Call | Maiorum Society

  1. Hi, i’m interested in Maiorum but not sure what is the structure of it. Is it a paid coaching programme or more of a society?


    1. Both. It is a coaching network programme with coaches teaching and helping people in many areas and thus also a community of like-minded people who want to develop and grow in many areas of their lives, tackling their struggles as a team etc…


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