How The Pagan Vatican CONTROL The World | Part 1: RECLAIMING FREEDOM | Law // Philosophy

The MIND VIRUS That No One Is Talking About! | Philosophy // Psychology

For further resources I would recommend you check out this book, called: “Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil” : An check out this article also written by the author Paul Levy:

IDEOLOGY: THE MAKING OF A PATHOGEN | Dystopic Philosophical // Psychological Poem

Rebounding their armour, not strong by value, built from their shame, they say; lord thank you They find love in PAIN; persona’s maintained, a skin for DEFENCE, is their only EXPENSE This perverted affair, of making love with DEVIL’S, a losers path, for no spirit TREMBLES To build a fantasy of what they never COULD,Continue reading “IDEOLOGY: THE MAKING OF A PATHOGEN | Dystopic Philosophical // Psychological Poem”