IDEOLOGY: THE MAKING OF A PATHOGEN | Dystopic Philosophical // Psychological Poem

Rebounding their armour, not strong by value, built from their shame, they say; lord thank you

They find love in PAIN; persona’s maintained, a skin for DEFENCE, is their only EXPENSE

This perverted affair, of making love with DEVIL’S, a losers path, for no spirit TREMBLES

To build a fantasy of what they never COULD, just a face of lies, more quality ply-WOOD

For it is hidden, their defences are MIGHT, they want you in cages for that is their LIFE

To make you their own, and their psychology YOUR’S, they will scale higher and higher for their cages and CLAWS

This a slow process, to make you all SOFT, for you to loose your spirit and press: turn OFF

A blinding mist why don’t you CARE, they have done this to you, so make yourself AWARE;
That they hate themselves, leading to PROJECTION, casting their spells with a smiling COMPLECTION

Our worst enemy is always our own, but for them; an enemy in which one should never condone, for they love their inability to further become, they play with their ashes like the dying sun, hitting all reality with their frightened will, a perverse rejection of their unconscious kills

Their biggest fear is the instincts of man, it’s their last embrace, forever Pan

A neurotic mess, they fear all emotion, reinvent it for their lying devotion,
that their face of lies lives for truth, unconscious themselves, their action is proof…

Treating others like their vision of canvas, they stamp on faces, transference of sadness

All in a scream for your own protection, what you could call the inhuman convention

A disconnect from your own nature, go stay at home, baby bubble, manger

For that would make you a timely problem, a living spirit and sinful contortion

For they like to play war with asymmetry, treating you as such, continuously
for if all commit to this illusional splendour, say goodbye to your existence forever

As it is not a choice of who is most right, but how many stupid are demanding with fright.


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