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You desire to conquer the world but find it hard to find your way. You lack the guidance necessary to achieve your goals and lack a tribe of men to encourage and fight with you on your path upward. You lack a network of disciplined elders who can help teach you how to break out of the…

Apply for a FREE Call | Maiorum Society

This is Spencer (Thoughts on Thinking). We are curious and excited to finally bring people on board to the programme who are serious about personal transformation and are tired of mundanity. Please take your time filling out the form as I will read it. I will make a decision on whether I want to work…

Maiorum Society | Become Who You Are

I am building a society for young men who are serious about transformation. A network of coaches available to you to aid towards your self-mastery in any discipline you wish to succeed in. Develop a strong network of like-minded men and become who you truly are. Sign up at the landing page. only 20 seats…

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